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Your style makes the ladies smile! Tell us how you would like your hair to look and watch how we`ll exceed your expectations. Whether you go for one of our Australian basic cuts or an individual style - enjoy the treatment and transform into the man you wanna be.

Beard Trim and Shave


Whether you have a soul patch, goatee or full beard, our barbers will give it that sharp edge and style that can only be achieved by a straight razor in the hand of a professional. Get yourself the 10 out of 10 look that will make the ladies smile.

Hot Towel Shave ‎


Time travel into the Barber Shops of the 20`s and experience how it feels to be the boss - Al Capone style. Definitely an offer you can`t refuse.

Barber Treatment ‎


Classic! Enjoy the full spectrum of your barber`s skillset and freshen up your hairstyle as well as your beard. Leave the Shop with confidence cause the looks will be all yours.

Beard colouring


For anybody who looks more salt than pepper. Get a youthful, spotless look that will leave you with a smooth sensation.

Haarschnitt für Kids ‎(ab 6 Jahren)


You`re never too young for a perfect look! Let the grannies pinch your cheeck and the girls in class fall in love. We´re happy about all youngsters who wanna grow up fast and become real men. It all starts with us and a perfect cut!

Grey hair coverage


Some people love it, others oppose it! Gray hair. We have the solution. Our worldclass Barbers will give you the look you desire. We don`t judge babyface.



You`re not entirely happy with your current look? No panic. Consult the Barber you trust and let`s go. One hour later you will step out of your chair with confidence as you venture forth!

Hair wash & finish


Let us wash away the outside stresses. Rest your feet, enjoy a cold beer and let us do the rest. We make sure you`ll leave the Barber Shop fresh and tidy like you`re supposed to, ready to approach the rest of your day and kick ass.

Haircut & beard trim


When you get home and your mum asks you what you are preparing for...tell her that from now on you´ll always look this good. Right after the wash we`ll prepare your hair as well as your beard to the absolute max. So fresh, people will think you`re getting married same day!

Haircut & beard trim & grey hair coverage


One of our all-in packages that will evolve you as a man. One of those treatments where we do not accept you to put on a long face while drinking a shot. You`re a real man and sh*t get`s even realer now!

Haircut & beard trim & beard colouring


Our second all-in package. What can we say. A must-have for anybody who wants to look perfect! Perfectly perfect with an extra glimpse of perfection if you know what we mean!

One length clipper cut


You can`t go wrong with a simple clipper cut! You pick the grade and leave the shaving to us. Sometimes, happiness lies in simplicity!

Hair colouring


You can choose to lift or darken the hair color, and our colorist will be able to advise you of what is possible for your natural color. Your perfect option for blending grays or adding definition to your fresh haircut!

Nur seitlich geschnitten


This style is a perfect fit for round face types because it slims facial features. Get fresh without spending too much time and enjoy your new look!